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Welcome to Aunt Carol's Sauce, your number one source for sauce. We're dedicated to providing families the best quality tasting sauce as possible, with a focus on great customer service.

Why ? 

Aunt Carol's Sauce is a family recipe, dedicated to Carol Ann Morgan Scott who passed away from cancer. We are committed to donating a portion of our profits to community outreach events such as food drives.

Carol Scott created her special sauce at the age of 17 years old. She made this sauce only for her family when they had their "seafood night". The family would cover the dining table with newspaper and on top of the newspaper would be an endless amount of blue crabs. One thing is for sure the family never ate with  out her special sauce.

Her nephew Tahjere Lewis finally asked his Aunt Carol where he could purchase this special sauce because he always thought she bought it.  Tahjere had to know where she bought it because he was going off  to college. She responded "baby, I make this" he was astonished by her response and immediately went to telling her how big her sauce could be and that it should be in all  stores across the world.

On that day, her nephew made her  promise that once he graduates from college they would make their dream into a reality. Tahjere's first year of college his loving Aunt Carol passed away from cancer. The loss of his  Aunt caused him take action in making their dream into reality.

We hope you enjoy our

Aunt Carol's Sauce as much as she

enjoyed making it for her family.

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Aunt Carol's Sauce