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Aunt Carol's Sauce is a family recipe and welcome to your number one source for sauce on all meats, seafood and vegetables.


We're dedicated to providing families the most authentic, unique tasting experience to share with the ones they love. Carol Ann Morgan Scott created her special sauce at the age of 17. She made this sauce only for her family when they had their seafood night. One thing is for sure the family never ate seafood without her special sauce.  In 2018, her nephew, Tahjere Lewis, was going away to college and he asked his Aunt Carol where could he purchase the delicious sauce.  


She responded "Baby, I make it." He was so astonished and he zealously expressed how huge her sauce could be and that it should be in every store around the world. He promised her that after he graduated from college they would make their dream into a reality. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, during his freshman year, his loving aunt passed away.  He remembered his promise and somehow he conjured up the recipe from family.  He hosted a seafood tasting event at his dorm with 100 surveys. The student’s reactions were priceless and emotional for Tahjere. He knew at that moment, Aunt Carol’s Sauce would be the the new household sauce staple.

We take great pride in bringing his promise to fruition. We are committed to community outreach events, such as food drives and financial contributions to charities. Please check out some of our initiatives and 19 store locations at


Aunt Carol's Sauce



This recipe is my aunt's name sake. My aunt's recipe will take your next meal to the next level to ensure you an authentic experience.

We believe the impact people make leaves a legacy and that legacy sparks motivation and strength within others. Where the impact comes from and how it’s delivered leaves an imprint on the individuals, communities and the environment. That is why we are dedicated to leaving a legacy through our products and services.

We take health and safety very seriously and we are taking that into consideration when packaging and shipping our products.


Highly recommend trying with Oysters, Shrimp, Crab, Tacos, and Chicken Wings!!



- Tahjere Lewis

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