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“My absolute favorite seafood sauce hands down.

— Kristen Heartwell

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“Absolutely the best seafood and all around sauce. Perfect with seafood as well as steak fries, roasted vegetables and on burgers. I would highly recommend this to treat you and your family or as a gift!”

— Teresa McCoy


“Kids and I loved them!!!!! Both mild and spicy were great.”

— Josh Lieberman


“It is the best seafood sauce I have had. The level of customer service is exceptional. The cost is reasonable given the all natural ingredients which are a key factor for me when making food purchases.”

— Diane Childers

Seafood Dish

“I just celebrated my one-year anniversary being cancer free. It was a momentous occasion. To celebrate, we had crab cakes smothered with Aunt Carol’s Sauce. It was absolutely delicious. The sauce was fresh and not too spicy with just right amount of flavor profiles to pair well with the crab cakes. If you use cocktail sauce, STOP, switch to Aunt Carol’s Sauce for an improved eating experience.”

— Derick Maggard


“Both mild and spicy were delicious. Found it went well on sausage too :).”

— Paul Lombardi


“It is delicious don’t change a thing”

— David Scott

“Delicious! I went through half the bottle in like less than a week! I tried it with shrimp and fried fish and it was great. Can’t wait to get some crab and use it”

— Stephen Robinson

“Absolutely delicious as a dipping sauce for wings, can't wait to experiment further and try the spicy temps and dry rub!”

— Nik

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